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For Traveling Alone, Tift Merritt’s Yep Roc Records label debut, Merritt put together her dream cast to make a record that was real, raw and live off the floor. Recorded in Brooklyn in 8 days, this album was produced by Tucker Martine (The Decemberists, My Morning Jacket), features a guest appearance by Andrew Bird and a band that includes Marc Ribot (Tom Waits), Eric Heywood (Pretenders, Son Volt), John Convertino (Calexico) and longtime collaborator Jay Brown. These songs were written and traveled by Tift Merritt.

RELEASED: October 02, 2012
Yep Roc Records

Traveling Alone

This morning, if it all was gone, funny thing, it wouldn’t phase me none.
Might feel like I just got home. See, I always had a taste for traveling alone.

Only get this one time round, better speak up straight, better speak up proud.
Good Lord, if he’s not at home, well, I always had a taste for traveling alone.

Oh If I had a son, I would make him laugh, I would teach him something.
I’d say, Son, you gotta hold your own, and it’s good to have a taste for traveling alone.

Oh If I had a love, I would say, Man, got to keep up.
Got to lay down, baby, feed my soul, ’cause you know I got a taste for traveling alone.

Oh If I had a song, I would sing it now, wouldn’t take too long.
I’d sing, Goodness is a real bare bone, and it’s what you do when you’re traveling alone.

Down south, baby, in the heat, I was raised up right, I was raised so sweet.
Sweetness ain’t gonna get you home. You’re bound to get a taste of traveling alone.

I know that the world is mean, I know it don’t care, I been around, I seen it.
It’s like a pretty girl who don’t even know. I guess everybody here is traveling alone.

Cigarettes and a pick up truck, I’m gonna leave this town now, I got to press my luck.
Ocean gonna break so slow. You know, I always had a taste for traveling alone.